dry chemical powder bc/abc trolley mounted type fire extinguisher

Dry Chemical Powder BC Type fire extinguisher is very elegant in look, unique in design and most efficient in performance. This contains Sodium / Potassium Bi-carbonate / based dry chemical powder as extinguishing agent which is effective on Class B, Class C & Electrical Fire.

Also available with ABC Powder in all capacities.

  • Class B

  • Class C

  • Electrical

Technical Data sheet

IS Specification 16018 16018 16018
Type of Fire ABC/BC ABC/BC ABC/ey
Type of Extinguisher Dry Powder Type Dry Powder Type Dry Powder Type
Extinguisher Media Dry Powder Dry Powder Dry Powder
Jet Length(mtr.) 6 8 10
Min. Effective Discharge(%) 85 85 85
Min. Discharge Time(sec.) 25 to 30 40 to 50 50 to 60
Test Pressure(kgf/cm2) 30 30 30
Expellent Co2Gas Cartridge 2 Kg Co2 2 Kg Co2 2 Kg Co2
Operation Position Upright Upright Upright
Operating Temprature -5°C to 55°C -5°C to 55°C -5°C to 55°C
Fire Rating 34B 55B 55B

suitable for :

Class B : flammable & volatile liquids, petrol, diesel, grease, paint, solvent, vanish etc

class c : flammable gases, live electrical equipments industrial gases, power grid, computer room etc.